Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 5, Number 1 1973


Condit, Jonathan; Rebrandt Wolpert; Allan Marrett; Laurence Picken "The Waves of Kokonor": A Dance-Tune of the T'ang Dynasty 3
Yan Yin Liu
trans. by I. Wong
A Preliminary Study of "The Three Variations of Yang Kwan," An Ancient Song 10
Stevens, Kate City of Peking Ballad Troupe: 1973 24
Delza, Sophia The Dance-Arts in the People's Republic of China: The Contemporary Scene 28
Chen Fu-yen A Hypothesis Concerning the Taiwanese Hsi Ch'ü of the Past 40
Lieberman, Fredric Addenda to Chinese Music Bibliography 56
Frederic Lieberman Addenda to Chinese Music Bibliography 56

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