Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 6 1975


Christensen, Dieter Musical Style and Social Context in Kurdish Songs 1-6
Chuang Pen-li Traditional Chinese Music for Birthday Celebrations 7-12
Hayashi, Kenzo Restoration of a Panpipe in the Shosoin 15-27
Hoerburger, Felix Langhalslauten in Afghanistan 28-37
Jairazbhoy, N.A. An Interpretation of the 22 Srutis 38-59
Kakinoki, Goro A Comparative Method on Japanese Melodic Styles in Structural Formulae 60-87
Kuttner, Fritz A. The 749-Temperament of Huai Nan Tzu 88-112
Frederic Lieberman Texted Tunes in the Mei-an Ch'in-P'u 113
William P. Malm Chinese Music in Nineteenth Century Japan 147
Kuttner, Fritz A. and
Frederic Lieberman
Preface and List of Laurence E.R. Picken's Writings on Oriental Music Preface
Liang Ming-Yueh A Study of Tiao-i, "The Meaning of the Mode" 173-188
Lieberman, Fredric Texted Tunes in the Mei-an Ch'in-P'u 113-146
Malm, William P. Chinese Music in 19th century Japan 147-172
Reinhard, Kurt Bemerkungen zu den Asik, den Volkssängern der Türkei 189-206
Scott, A.C. Reflections on the Aesthetic Background of the Performing Arts of East Asia 207-216
Slobin, Mark Buz-bazi: A Musical Marionette of Northern Afghanistan 217-224
Smith, Barbara B. Chinese Music in Hawaii 225-230

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