Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 11, Number 1 1979


Han Kuo-Huang The Modern Chinese Orchestra 1
Gray, Judith Additional Comments Regarding Chinese Orchestras in the United States 41
Shiloah, Amnon An Early Arabic Songbook for Schools 44
Sutton, R. Anderson Concept and Treatment in Javanese Gamelan Music, with Reference to the Gambang 59
Ross, Israel J. Ritual and Music in South India: Syrian Christian Liturgical Music in Kerala 80
DeJean, Joan Fictive Performances: Oriental Music in Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo 99
  Book Reviews  
Fredric Lieberman. Chinese Music: An Annotated Bibliography 108
Walter Kaufman. Musical References in the Chinese Classics 109
Walter Kaufman. The Ragas of South India: A Catalogue of Scalar Material 111
At-Turath al-musiqi at-Tunisi 119
  Record Reviews  
Sarangi 121
Miller, Terry E
and J. Chonpairot
Review Essay 124
Recent Recordings from Israel 140
  Film Review  

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