Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 17, Number 2  1986


  Music in the Ethnic Communities of Israel  
Bohlman, Philip V.,
and Mark Slobin
Music in the Ethnic Communities of Israel: Introduction 1
Warkov, Esther Revitalization of Iraqi-Jewish Instrumental Traditions in Israel: The Persistent Centrality of an Outsider Tradition 9
Seroussi, Edwin Politics, Ethnic Identity, and Music in Israel: the Case of the Moroccan Bakkashot 32
Hirshberg, Jehoash Musical Tradition as a Cohesive Force in a Community in Transition: the Case of the Karaites 46
Nettl, Bruno
and Amnon Shiloah
Persian Classical Music in Israel: A Preliminary Report 69
Moskovich, Rina Krut The Role of Music in the Liturgy of Emigrant Jews from Bombay: the Morning Prayer for the Three Festivals 88
Flam, Gila Beracha Zephira A Case Study of Acculturation in Israeli Song 108
Sharvit, Uri Diversity Within Unity: Stylistic Change and Ethnic Continuity in Israeli Religious Music 126
Bohlman, Philip V. The Immigrant Composer in Palestine, 1933-1948: Stranger in a Strange Land 147
Benski, Tova,
with Braun and Sharvit
Towards a Study of Israeli Urban Musical Culture: The Case of Kiryat Ono 168

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