Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 18, Number 2     Spring/Summer 1987


  Foreward vii
  Notes on the Contributors ix
  Note on Transliteration xi
  Preface xiii
Wade, Bonnie Introduction 1
Jones, Betty True Kathakali Dance-Drama: an Historical Perspective 14
Van Zile, Judy Balasaraswati's "Tisram Alarippu": a Choreographic Analysis 45
Higgins, John B. Balasaraswati's "Tisram Alarippu": the Musical Content 103
Qureshi, Regula Burckhardt Qawwali: Making the Music Happen in the Sufi Assembly 118
Owens, Naomi The Dagar Gharana: a Case Study of Performing Artists 158
Flora, Reis Miniature Paintings: Important Sources for Music History 196
  Bibliography (on Performing Arts in India) 231

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