Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 25, Number 1-2  Double Issue: 1993/1994


Risto Pekka Pennanen The God-praising Drums of Sarajevo. 1
Ian W. Mabbett Buddhism and Music. 9
David Harnish The Future Meets the Past in the Present: Music and Buddhism in Lombok. 29
Wolfgang Laade The Influence of Buddhism on the Singhalese Music of Sri Lanka. 51
Adrian McNeil Why Hindustani Musicians are Good Cooks: Analogies Between Music and Food in North India. 69
Wei-hua Zhang Fred Wei-Han Ho: Case Study of a Chinese-American Creative Musician. 81
Robert Garfias The Okinawan Kunkunshi Notation System and Its role in the Dissemination of the Shuri Court Music Tradition. 115
Jonathan Stock Three Erhu Pieces by Abing: An Analysis of Improvisational Processes in Chinese Traditional Instrumental Music. 145
Eric Lai Toward a Theory of Pitch Organization: The Early Music of Chou Wen-Chung. 177
  Book Reviews  
Michael Tenzer Ryker (ed.). New Music in the Orient 209
David Warren Steel DeVale (ed.). Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology, VIII 213
William Donner Firth and McLean. Tikopia Songs 217
Nimrod Bernaviz Dirrell. Popular Songs and Ballads of Han China 221
Alan Thrasher Yung. Cantonese Opera: Performance as Creative Process 223
Li Mei-Ling Wichmann. Listening to Theater: The Aural Dimension of Beijing Opera 226
Helen Rees Picard. La Musique Chinoise 229
Terry Liu Moule. A List of the Musical and Other Sound-producing Instruments of the Chinese 232
Yip Ming-mei Hsu and Cheng. Musique de Taiwan 236
Yip Ming-mei Goormaghtigh (ed. & trans.). L'art du qin 238
Susan S. Wadley Edward Henry. Chant the Names of God: Musical Culture in Bhojpuri-speaking India 244
Gregory Booth Nijenhuis (ed. & trans.). Sangitasirmani: A Medieval Handbook of Music 246
Lise Waxer
Peter Manuel
Hansen. Grounds for Play: The Nauntaki Theater of North India 247
David Harnish Arps (ed.). Performance in Java and Bali: Studies of Narrative, Theater, Music, and Dance 252
Deborah Wong Roongruang. Dontri Thai prakop Siang/Thai Music in Sound 260
Deborah Wong Amy Catlin (ed.). Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology, IX 264
Lloyd Miller Bruno Nettl. The Radif of Persian Music 272
Virginia Danielson Cantemir. The Collections of Notations. Part 1: Text 276
Helen Myers Nazir Jairazbhoy. Hi-Tech Shiva and Other Apocyyphal Stories 280
  Audio Recording Reviews  
Andrew Weintraub Smithsonian Folkways Music of Indonesia Series, 1-3 282
Sumarsam Music of Madura, Java, Indonesia 287
David Harnish Gamelan Semar Pegulingan Saih Pitu 293
Anne Sheeran Buddhist Chang I, Maha Pirit--The Great Chant 298
Gregory Booth Shobha Gurtu 306
Gregory Booth SamulNori--"Record of Changes" 308
Ping-hui Li Music of Man Archive. Taiwan: Music of the Aboriginal Tribes 309
Francisco Englis Philippines: Musique des Hautes-terres Palawan 312
John R. Kelsey Music of Man Archive. Papua New Guinea: The Coast of the Western Province 315
  Video Recording Reviews  
Anne Prescott Hogaku Journal Video Series of Japanese Music 320
Toni Shapiro Khmer Court Dance 322
L. JaFran Jones The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Qatar 327

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