Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 26, Number 1 Fall/Winter 1994/1995


Scott L. Marcus and Dwight F. Reynolds Introduction 1
Francesca Rebollo-Sborgi The Musicality of Oral Performance: The Case of Tianjin Shindiao and the Musical Expression of Urban Identity (China) 9
Dwight F. Reynolds Musical Dimensions of an Arabic Oral Epic Tradition (Egypt) 53
Scott L. Marcus Parody-generated Texts: The Process of Composition in Biriha, A North Indian Folk Music Genre (India) 95
Hugh de Ferranti Relations Between Music and Text in Higo Biwa: The Nagashi Pattern as a Text-Music System (Japan) 149
Andrew N. Weintraub Tune, Text, and the Function of Lagu in Pantun Sunda, A Sundanese Oral Narrative Tradition (Indonesia) 175
  Short Communication  
Judit Frigyesi Free Rhythm 212
  Book Reviews  
Tim Brace Andrew Jones. Like a Knife: Ideology and Genre in Contemporary Chinese Popular Music 215
George Ruckert Robert Gottlieb. Solo Tabla Drumming of North India 221
  Audio Recording Reviews  
Cynthia Po-man Wong Shanghai National Music Orchestra. Music of China: Classical, Folk, and Ancient Music 225
Feza Tansug Ursula Reinhard and Völker Reinhard (rec.). Song Creators in Eastern Turkey 227

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