Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 28, Number 1 Fall/Winter 1996/1997


Tan Sooi Beng The 78 RPM Record Industry in Malaya Prior to World War II 1
Henry M. Johnson A Koto by Any Other Name: Exploring Japanese Systems of Musical Instrument Classification 43
Gregory D. Booth The Madras Corporation Band: A Story of Social Change and Indigenization 61
Ian Collinge Developments in Musicology in Tibet: The Emergence of a New Tibetan Musical Lexicon 88
Marc Perlman Conflicting Interpretations: Indigenous Analysis and Historical Change in Central Javanese Music 116
  Book Reviews  
Hardja Susilo Benjamin Brinner. Knowing Music, Making Music 141
  Audio Recording Reviews  
R. Anderson Sutton Toraja, Indonesia: Funerals and Fertility Feasts 144
David Harnish Gamelan Sekar Jaya. Balinese Music in America American Works for Balinese Gamelan Orchestra 146
Terry Miller Various Artists. A Taste of Asia 150
Alan Thrasher Introducing the Asia-Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology 151

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