Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 29, Number 1 Fall/Winter 1997/98


Andrew Alter Garhwali Bagpipes: Syncretic Processes in a North Indian Regional Musical Tradition 1
Peter Manuel Music, Identity, and Images of India in the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora 17
Michael B. Bakan From Oxymoron to Reality: Agendas of Gender and the Rise of Balinese Women's Gamelan Beleganjur in Bali, Indonesia 37
Terence Lancashire Music for the Gods: Musical Transmission and Change in Iwami Kagura 87
Roger Vetter Jaap Kunst. Indonesian Music and Dance 125
Daniel Ferguson J. Lawrence Witzleben. "Silk and Bamboo" Music in Shanghai 128
Nina Egert Deep in the Heart of Tuva and Tibet: The Heart of Dharma 134
Evan Ziporyn New Music Indonesia, Vol. 3 Karya 138

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18 February, 1999