Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Book Reviews and Essays (Alphabetical by Author of Book)
Ahmad, Najma Parveen. Hindustani Music: A Study of its Development in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (rev. D.R. Widdess). 16/2: 183-185.
al Faruqi, Lois Ibsen. The Theory of Music in Arabic Writings (rev. Amnon Shiloah). 14/2: 183-185.
The Annals of the International Shakuhachi Society, Vol. 1 (rev. Donald Berger). 24/1: 155-156.
Arps, Bernard, ed. Performance in Java and Bali: Studies of Narrative, Theatre, Music, and Dance (rev. David Harnish). 25/1-2: 252-259.
Asselineau, Michel, et al. Music of the World (rev. Sara Stone Miller). 26/2: 143-144.
Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie. Cahiers de musiques traditionelles 1: De bouche a oreille (rev. Phong Nguyen). 22/1: 156-160.
Baily, John. Music of Afghanistan: Professional Musicians in the City of Herat (rev. Philip Schuyler). 22/1: 147-150.
Becker, Judith, ed., Karawitan: Source Readings in Javanese Gamelan and Vocal Music, Vol. 1 (rev. Roger Vetter). 16/2: 186-189.
Birrell, Anne. Popular Songs and Ballads of Han China (rev. Nimrod Bernaviz). 25/1-2: 221-222.
Brailoiu, Constantin. Problems of Ethnomusicology (rev. Susan D. Clark). 17/1: 161-167.
Brinner, Benjamin. Knowing Music, Making Music (rev. Hardja Susilo). 28/1: 141-144.
Cantemir, Demetrius. The Collection of Notations. Part 1: Text (rev. Virginia Danielson). 25/1-2: 276-279.
Catlin, ed. Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology, Vol IX: Text, Context, and Performance in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam (rev. Deborah Wong). 25/1-2: 264-272.
Ch’en Li-Li. Master Tung’s Western Chamber Romance (rev. Fredrick Lieberman). 9/1: 95.
Collaer, Paul. Musikgeschichte in Bildern, Sudost Asien (rev. Elise B. Barnett). 13/1: 133-134.
Danielson, Virginia. The Voice of Egypt: Umm Kulthum, Arabic Song, and Egyptian Society in the Twentieth Century (rev. Dwight F. Reynolds). 30/1: 183-185.
Deva, B. Chaitanya. Music of India--A Scientific Study (rev. S.A.K. Durga). 14/1: 155-156.
DeVale, Sue Carole. Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology, Volume VIII: Issues in Organology (rev. David Warren Steel). 25/1-2: 213-217.
Doubleday. Three Women of Herat (rev. Mark Slobin). 21/1: 172-173.
During, Jean, Mirabdolbaghi, Zia, and Safvat, Dariush. The Art of Persian Music (rev. Margaret Caton). 23/2: 172-176.
Engel, Hans. Die Stellung des Musikers im arabisch-islamischen Raum (rev. Eckhard Neubauer). 21/1: 173-176.
Farrel, Gerry. Indian Music and the West (rev. Joep Boer). 29/2: 129-138
Farhat, Hormoz. The Dastgah Concept in Persian Music (rev. Margaret Caton). 23/2: 168-171.
Foltin, Bela., Daramad of Chahargah (rev. Ella Zonis). 4/1: 67-68.
Frith, Raymond, with Mervyn McLean. Tikopia Songs: Poetic and Musical Art of a Polynesian People of the Solomon Islands (rev. William W. Donner). 25/1-2: 217-220.
Gerstle, C. Andrew, Inobe, Kyoshi, and Malm, William P. Theater as Music. The Bunraku Play "Mt. Imo and Mt. Se: An Exemplary Tale of Womanly Virtue" (rev. Suan Asai). 23/2: 179-180.
Giesen, Walter. Zur Geschichte des Buddhistischen Ritualgesangs in Japan (rev. Fredric Lieberman). 10/1: 141.
Gottlieb, Robert S. Solo Tabla Drumming of North India (rev. George Ruckert). 26/1: 221-225.
Goormaghtigh, Georges, ed. and trans. L’art du qin (rev. Yip Ming-mei). 25/1-2: 238-243.
Hamilton, James Sadler. Sitar Music in Calcuta: An Ethnomusicological Study (rev. Allyn Miner). 22/1: 150-154.
Hansen, Kathryn. Grounds For Play: The Nauntaki Theatre of North India (reviews by Lise Waxer, 247-249, and Peter Manuel, 250-252). 25/1-2: 247-252.
Hassan, Scheherazade Q. Les Instruments de Musique en Irak et Leur Role Dans la Societe Traditionnelle (rev. Gen’ichi Tsuge). 13/1: 141-143.
Helffer, Mirielle. Mchod-Rol: Les Instruments de la Musique Tibetaine (rev. Nina Egert). 27/1: 157-162.
Henry, Edward O. Chant the Names of God: Musical Culture in Bhojpuri-Speaking India (rev. Susan S. Wadley). 25/1-2: 244-245.
Hoerburger, Felix. Volksmusik in Afghanistan (rev. Mark Slobin). 4/1: 69-74.
Hood, Mantle. The Evolution of Javanese Gamelan, Book III: Paragon of the Roaring Sea (Review Essay by Jose Maceda). 21/2: 135-146.
Howard, Wayne. Veda Recitation in Varanasi (rev. William J. Jackson). 20/1: 154-158.
Hsu Tsang-Houei and Chang Shui-Cheng. Musique de Taiwan (rev. Yip Ming-mei). 25/1-2: 236-237.
Jairazbhoy, Nazir A. Hi-Tech and Other Apocryphal Stories: An Academic Allegory (rev. Helen Myers). 25/1-2: 280-281.
__________. The Rags of North Indian Music (rev. Charles Capwell). 4/2: 19-26.
Jones, Andrew F. Like a Knife: Ideology and Genre in Contemporary Chinese Popular Music (rev. Tim Brace). 26/1: 215-221.
Jones, Clifford R. and Betty True. Kathakali: An Introduction to the Dance-Drama of Kerala (rev. Judy Van Zile). 3/2: 55-57.
Kamisango, Yuko, and Blasdel, Christopher Yohmei. The Shakuhachi, A Manual For Learning; Learning to Play; History and Development (rev. Donald Paul Berger). 21/1: 177-179.
Kant-Achilles, Mallay, Seltmann, Friedrich, and Schumacher, Rüdiger. Wyang Beber (rev. René T. A. Lysloff). 24/1: 146-151.
Kartomi, Margaret J. On Concepts and Classifications of Musical Instruments (rev. Beverley Diamond). 24/1: 141-145.
Kaufman, Walter. Musical References in the Chinese Classics (rev. Fredric Lieberman). 11/1: 109-111.
__________. The Ragas of South India (rev. Hardjo Susilo). 11/1: 111-114.
__________. Tibetan Buddhist Chant (rev. Ellingson). 8/2: 64-81.
Kinnear, Michael E. A Discography of Hindustani and Karnatic Music (rev. Gregory D. Booth). 18/1: 201-202.
Kippen, James. The Tabla of Lucknow: A Cultural Analysis of a Musical Tradition (rev. James D. DiSpirito). 21/2: 156-158.
Kumar, Kanthimathi and Stackhouse, Jean. Classical Music of South India: Karnatic Tradition in Western Notation (rev. T. Temple Tuttle). 20/1: 148-151.
Kunst, Jaap. Indonesian Music and Dance (rev. Roger Vetter). 29/1: 125-128.
__________. Music in Java, 3rd edition (rev. T. Viswanathan). 7/1: 58-68.
Laderman, Carol, and Roseman, Marina, eds. The Performance of Healing (rev. Steven M. Friedson). 28/2: 135-140.
Leiter, Samuel L. Kabuki Encyclopedia An English-Language Adaption of Kabuki Jiten (rev. William P. Malm). 13/1: 130-132.
Levin, Theodore. The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia (and Queens, New York) (rev. Craig Macrae). 29/2: 138-142.
Liang Ming-yueh. Music of the Billion: An Introduction to Chinese Musical Culture (rev. Rulan Chao Pian). 21/2: 147-150.
Lieberman, Fredric. A Chinese Zither Tutor: the Mei-an Ch’in-p’u (rev. Bell Yung). 16/2: 190-194.
__________. Chinese Music: An Annotated Bibliography (rev. Lindy Li Mark). 11/1: 106-108.
Lu Chui-kan. Quanzhou Xuanguan (Naguan) Yenjiu (rev. Nora Yeh). 16/2: 195-197.
Lucas, Heinz. Die grosse Maskenkunde (rev. Wolfgang Laade). 5/2: 50.
Lum, Casey Man Kong. In Search of a Voice: Karaoke and the Construction of Identity in Chinese America (rev. Su Zheng). 30/1: 185-190.
Mahdi, Salah el-. La Musique Arabe (rev. Ja Fran Jones). 11/1: 117-120.
Markham, Elizabeth J. Saibara: Japanese Court Songs of the Heian Period (rev. David Fish). 18/1: 203-205.
Miller, Terry E. Traditional Music of the Lao: Kaen Playing and Mawlum Singing in Northeast Thailand (rev. Margaret J. Kartomi). 18/1:206-207.
Miner, Allyn. Sitar and Sarod in the 18th and 19th Centuries (rev. Scott L. Marcus). 26/2: 145-150.
Ministere des Affaires Culturelles. At-Turath al-musliqi at-Tunisi (rev. L. JaFran Jones). 11/1: 115-117.
Moule, A. C. A List of the Musical and Other Sound-Producing Instruments of the Chinese (rev. Terry Liu). 25/1-2: 232-236.
Narayan, Ram, Indian Music in Performance (rev. Daniel M. Neuman). 15/2: 152-154.
National Academy of Arts. Survey of Korean Arts: Traditional Music (rev. Lee Byong-won). 9/2: 59-64.
Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Rene de. Tibetan Religious Dances (rev. Ellingson). 10/1: 159-178.
Nettl, Bruno. The Radif of Persian Music, Studies of Structure and Cultural Context in the Classical music of Iran (rev. Lloyd Miller). 25/1-2: 272-275.
__________. The Study of Ethnomusicology: Twenty-nine Issues and Concepts (rev. Stephen Blum). 16/1: 150-152.
__________. Daramad of Chahargah (rev. Ella Zonis). 4/1: 67-68.
Nijenhuis, Emmie te (ed. and trans.). Sangitasiromani: A Medieval Handbook of Indian Music (rev. Gregory Booth). 25/1-2: 246-247.
Panya Roongruang. Dontri Thai prakop Siang/Thai Music in Sound (rev. Deborah Wong). 25/1-2: 260-263.
Patel, Madhubhai. Folksongs of South Gujarat (rev. Laxmi Tewari). 10/1: 131-133.
Pfeiffer, William. Filipino Music: Indigenous, Folk and Modern (rev. Adelaida Rayes Schramm). 10/1: 129-130.
Picard, François. La Musique Chinoise (rev. Helen Rees). 25/1-2: 229-232.
Qureshi, Regula. Sufi Music of India and Pakistan: Sound, Context and Meaning in Qawwali (rev. L JaFran Jones). 21/2: 151-155.
Randel, Don Michael, ed. The New Harvard Dictionary of Music (articles on Asian music; revs. by Terry Miller [Southeast Asia, East Asia], Judith Frigyesi [Jewish Music], Gregory Booth [South Asia], George Sawa [Near and Middle East]). 19/2: 165-176.
The Record News: The Journal of the Society of Indian Record Collectors (rev. Alison Arnold). 24/1: 152-154.
Research Institute of Music, ed. A Pictorial Guide to the History of Chinese Music (rev. Han Kuo-Huang). 20/2: 196-198.
Roseman, Marina. Healing Sounds from the Malaysian Rainforest: Temiar Music and Medicine (rev. Margaret Sarkissian). 24/1: 137-140.
Ryker, Harrison, ed. New Music in the Orient (Source Materials in Ethnomusicology, Vol. 2) (rev. Michael Tenzer). 25/1-2: 209-212.
Sadie, Stanley, ed. The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (rev. Barbara B. Smith). 21/2: 159-162.
Sadokov, R. L. Muzykal’naia kul’tura drevnego Khorezma (review from Sovetskaia Etnografiia, translated by Barbara Krader). 7/1: 69-74.
Sakata, Hiromi Lorraine. Music in the Mind: The Concepts of Music and Musician in Afghanistan (rev. Gordon R. Thompson). 15/2: 155-158.
__________. Music of the Hazarajat (rev. Mark Slobin). 4/1: 69-74.
Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet. Chinese Folk Songs and Folk Singers: Shan’ge Traditions in Southern Jiangsu (rev. Jonathan Stock). 29/2: 142-143.
Shih Chung-Wen. The Golden Age of Chinese Drama (rev. Fredric Lieberman). 9/1: 95-97.
Shiliao Zhongguo Y. Historical Materials on Chinese Music (rev. Daniel and Francesca Ferguson). 14/1: 157-161.
Signell, Karl. Makam: Modal Practice in Turkish Art Music (rev. Charlotte F.Albright)10/1: 134-137.
Slawek, Stephen M. Sitar Technique in Nibaddh Forms (rev. George Ruckert). 20/1: 151-154.
Song Bang-Song. Korean Music (rev. Cho Chae-Son). 3/1: 47-48.
Sorrell, Neil. A Guide to the Gamelan (rev. Han Kuo-Huang). 23/2: 165-167.
__________. Indian Music in Performance (rev. Daniel M. Neuman). 15/2: 152-154.
Stone, Francine, ed. Studies on the Tihamah: The Report of the Tihamah Expedition 1982 and Related Papers. 19/1: 121-124.
Sumarasam. Gamelan: Cultural Interaction and Musical Development in Central Java (rev. Jan Mràzek). 27/1: 153-156.
Tan Sooi Beng. Bangsawan, A Social and Stylistic History of Popular Malay Opera (rev. Patricia Matusky). 26/2: 150-154.
Tenzer, Michael. Balinese Music (rev. David Harnish). 26/2: 154-157.
Touma, Habib Hassan. Die Musik Der Araber (The music of the Arabs) (rev. John O’Connell). 22/1: 154-156.
Tran Van Khe. Einfuhrung in die Musik Vietnams (rev. Phong Nguyen). 18/l: 197-200.
Tsao, Pen-yeh. The Music of Su-chou Tan-tz’u (rev. Chia Chun Chu). 23/2: 176-178.
Van Der Meer, Wim. Hindustani Music in the 20th Century (rev. Peter Manuel). 18/1: 208-211.
Van Zile, Judy. Dance in India; an annotated guide to Source Materials (rev. Mary Frances Dunham). 7/1: 75-80.
Von Gunden, Heidi. The Music of Lou Harrison (rev. Evan Ziporyn). 30/1: 190-193.
Wade, Bonnie C. Khyal: Creativity Within North India’s Classical Music Tradition (rev. Richard Widdess). 17/1: 154-160.
__________. Music in India: The Classical Traditions (rev. T. Viswanathan). 13/1: 135-140.
__________. Tegotomono: Music for the Japanese Koto (rev. Cathleen B. Read). 10/1: 138-140.
Wichmann, Elizabeth. Listening to Theatre: The Aural Dimension of Beijing Opera (rev. Li Mei-Ling). 25/1-2: 226-229.
Witzleben, J. Lawrence. "Silk and Bamboo" Music in Shanghai (rev. Daniel Ferguson). 29/1: 128-133.
Wolz, Carl. Bugaku (rev. Gen’ichi Tsuge). 3/1: 45-46.
Yampolsky, Philip. Lokananta: A Discography of the National Recording Company of Indonesia 1957-1985 (rev. Roger Vetter). 19/2: 161-164.
Yuan Bingchang, and Mao Jizeng, et al., ed. Zhongguo Shaoshu Minzu Yueqi Zhi (The Musical Instruments of the Chinese National Minorities: A Dictionary) (rev. Han Kuo-Huang). 20/1: 158-161.
Yung, Bell. Cantonese Opera: Performance as Creative Process (rev. Alan R. Thrasher). 25/1-2: 223-226.
__________, ed. Celestial Airs of Antiquity: Music of the Seven-String Zither (rev. Jonathan Stock). 29/2: 143-145.
Zonis, Ella. Classical Persian Music. (rev. Gen’ichi Tsuge). 5/2: 51-60.

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