Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 33, Number 2
  Spring/Summer 2002
Jonathan P. J. Stock Learning Huju in Shanghai, 1900-1950: Apprenticeship and the Acquisition of Expertise in a Chinese Local Opera Tradition 1-42
Andrew Killick Korean Ch'angguk Opera: Its Origins and Its Origin Myth 43-82
Daniele Sestili A Pioneer Work on Japanese Music: La Musique au Japon (1878) and Its Author, Alessandro Kraus the Younger 83-110
Jame Kippen Wajid Revisited: A Reassessment of Robert Gottlieb's Tabla Study, and a New Transcription of the Solo of Wajid Hussain Khan of Lucknow 111-166
Robert Gottlieb A Response to James Kippen's Assessment 167-172
James Kippen A Rebuttal to Robert Gottlieb 173-174
Boaz Tarsi Observations on Practices of Nusach in America 175-219
  Book Reviews  
Susan Asai Alison McQueen Tokita, Kiyomoto-bushi: Narrative Music of the Kabuki Theatre 221-224
Bruno Deschênes Le Pouvoir en Chantant, Tome I: L'art de Fabriquer une Musique Chinoise 224-227
Kathryn Hansen Syed Jamil Ahmed, Acinpakhi Infinity: Indigenous Theater of Bangladesh 227-229
Ping-Hui Li Colin Mackerras, Peking Opera 229-230
  Audio Recording Review  
Matthew Allen Madurai N. Krishnam, Inde du Sud: Mârgam. L'intégrale du Bharatanâtyam /South India: Mârgam. The Complete Bharatanâtyam . 230-234
David Harnish Allan Evans (producer); Edward Herbst (notes); Colin McPhee (photos), The Roots of Gamelan: The First Recordings (Bali 1928, New York 1941) 234-238
Made Mantle Hood Philip Yampolsky (recording and notes), Music of Indonesia, Vols. 19 and 20 238-241
Gordon Thompson Edward O. Henry (recording and notes), Women's Songs from India 241-243
  Video Recording Review  
Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy Peter Manuel, Tan-singing of Trinidad and Guyana: Indo-Caribbean "Local-Classical Music" 243-246
  About the Contributors 247-249
  Asian Music Contents  

11 July, 2004