Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 36, Number 2
  Summer/Fall 2005
Stephen Slawek, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor
Michael Bodden Rap in Indonesian Youth Music of the 1990s: "Globalization," "Outlaw Genres," and Social Protest 1-26
Barley Norton Singing the Past: Vietnamese Ca Tru, Memory, and Mode 27-56
Michael S. Peluse Not Your Gradfather's Music: Tsugaru Shamisen Blurs the Lines between "Folk," "Traditional," and "Pop" 57-80
Manolete Mora Mind, Body, Spirit, and Sould: A Filipino Epistemology of Adeptness in Musical Performance 81-95
Terry Miller From Country Hick to Rural Hip: A New Identity through Music for Northeast Thailand 96-106
  Book Reviews  
Tong Soon Lee Xiao Mei, Bell Yung, and Anita Wong (eds.). The Musical Arts of Ancient China 107-108
Greg Booth Gert-Matthias Wegner. Vintage Tabla Repertory 108-109
Sean Williams Andrew N. Weintraub. Power Plays: Wayang Golek Puppet Theater of West Java 109-113
  Audio Recording Review  
Rolf Groesbeck Drumming and Chanting in God's Own Country: The Temple Music of Kerala in South India 114-116
Alison Arnold Sidi Sufis: African Indian Mystics of Gujarat 117-120
Marc Perlman Music of the Gambuh Theater: Bali's Ancient Dance Drama. Performed by Seka Gambuh Pura Desa Adat Batuan, The Gambuh Ensemble of Batuan's Village Temple 120-125
  Video Recording Reviews  
David Goldsworthy Play the Saluang Flute, Use Your Fifth Finger: Lyrical Songs from Payakumbuh, West Sumatra 126-128
  About the Contributors 129-131
  Asian Music Contents  

23 November, 2005