Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 40, Number 2   Summer/Fall 2009
Stephen Slawek, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Sarah Weiss, Recording Review Editor
Julie Silva, Editorial Assistant
Peter Manuel Transnational Chowtal: Bhojpuri Folk Song from North India to the Caribbean, Fiji, and Beyond 1-32
Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek Tales and Fables of the Chang (Harp) in Darvish Ali's Risalei Musiqi 33-51
Songü Karahansanoğlu and Gabriel Skoog Synthesizing Identity: Gestures of Filiation and Affiliation in Turkish Popular Music 52-71
Lee Watkins Minstrelsy and Mimesis in the South China Sea: Filipino Migrant Musicians, Chinese Hosts, and the Discipling of Relations in Hong Kong 72-99
Dard Neuman The Production of Aura in the Gramophone Age of the "Live" Performance 100-123
  Book Reviews  
Tina Frühauf Joachim Braun. Music in Ancient Israel/Palestine: Arcaeological, Written, and Comparative Sources 124-129
Tina Frühauf Ruth Katz. "The Lachmann Problem": An Unsung Chapter in Comparative Musicology [Be 'ayat Lakhman: Perek 'alum be-musikologyah hashvaatit, kolel mikhtavim ve-hartsaot shel Robert Lakhman she-terem pursemu] 129-133
Inna Naroditskaya Saida Daukeyeva. The Philosophy of Music by Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi 133-137
Andrew C. McGraw Emma Baulch. Making Scenes: Reggae, Punk, and Death Metal in 1990s Bali 137-140
Andrew C. McGraw Timothy Taylor. Beyond Exoticism: Western Music and the World 140-143
Sean Williams Martha Feldman and Bonnie Gordon, eds. The Courtesan's Arts: Cross-Cultural Perspectives 143-145
Eric Hung Deborah Wong. Speak It Louder: Asian Americans Making Music 145-152
  Audio Recording Reviews  
Peter Manuel D'Bhuyaa saaj: Live in India 153-154
Lisa Urkevich El Tarab El Aseel by Riad Abdel Gawad 154-156
Ameneh Youssefzadh Iran: Le dotār du Khorassan, featuring Hamid Khezri 156-160
  Video Recording Reviews  
Ricardo D. Trimillos Drumming Out a Message: Eisa and the Okinawan Diaspora 161-165
  About the Contributors 166-168
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