Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 44, Number 2   Summer/Fall 2013

Ricardo D. Trimillos, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Sarah Weiss, Recording Review Editor

Constructing Genre in Indonesian Popular Music:
From Colonized Archipelago to Contemporary World Stage
Ricardo D. Trimillos From the Editor 1
Jeremy Wallach and
Esther Clinton
From the Guest Editors 1-2
Jeremy Wallach and
Esther Clinton
History, Modernity, and Music Genre in Indonesia: Introduction to the Special Issue 3-23
Philip Yampolsky Three Genres of Indonesian Popular Music: Their Trajectories in the Colonial Era and After 24-80
R. Anderson Sutton Musical Genre and Hybridity in Indonesia: Simponi Kecapi and Campur Sari 81-94
Brent Luvaas Exemplary Centers and Musical Elsewheres: On Authenticity and Autonomy in Indonesian Indie Music 95-114
David Harnish and
Jeremy Wallach
"Dance to Your Roots": Genre Fusions in the Music of Indonesia's Krakatau 115-134
Rebekah E. Moore Elevating the Underground: Claiming a Space for Indie Music among Bali's Many Soundworlds 135-159
Andrew N. Weintraub The Sound and Spectacle of Dangdut Koplo: Genre and Counter-genre in East Java, Indonesia 160-194

  About the Contributors 195-197
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