Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 49, Number 1   Winter/Spring 2018
Ricardo D. Trimillos, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Sarah Weiss, Recording Review Editor
Ricardo D. Trimillos From the Editor 1-3
Matt Gillan Listening to the Voice in Kumiudui: Representations of Social Class and Gender through Speech, Song, and Prosody 4-33
Oki Rahadianto Sutopo and Pam Nilan The Constrained Position of Young Musicians in the Yogyakarta Jazz Community 34-57
Bruno Deschenes and Yuko Eguchi Embodied Orality: Transmission in Traditional Japanese Music 58-79
Beau Bothwell State, Song, and Shabab in Syria's Prewar Radioscape 80-119
Book Reviews  
Bruno Deschenes Frederic Leotar. La steppe musicienne: Analyses et modelisation du patrimoine musical turcique [The Musical Steppes: Analysis and Modeling of the Turkic Musical Patriomony] 120-123
Randy Raine-Reusch Byong Won Lee and Yong-Shick Lee (eds.). Music of Korea. (Korean Musicology Series 1) 123-125
Wayne Vitale Andrew Clay McGraw. Radical Traditions: Reimagining Culture in Balinese Contemporary Music 125-129
Larry Oliver Catungal Two Studies of Music in the Filipino-American Diaspora
Theodore S. Gonzalves. The Day the Dancers Stayed: Performing in the Filipino/American Diaspora
Antonio T. Tiongson, Jr. Filipinos Represent: DJs, Racial Authenticity, and the Hip-Hop Nation
Recording Reviews  
Ellen Koskoff Ruby Ornstein. From Kuno to Kebyar: Balinese Gamelan Angklung 137-140
D. A. Sonneborn Hamid Bin Sussein Sea Band. Kuwait: Sea Songs from the Arabian Gulf 140-144
Anthony Shay Federico Spinatti. Zurkhaneh: The House of Strength: Music and Martial Arts of Iran 144-146

  About the Contributors 147-149
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18 January, 2018