Journal of the Society for Asian Music

Founded 1959 | Journal Founded 1969

Board of Directors 2013-2014
Officers Frederick Lau (President )
Andrew Weintraub (Treasurer)
Margaret Sarkissian (Secretary)
Board Members David Harnish
Hiromi Lorraine Sakata
R. Anderson Sutton
Yu Siuwah
Editorial Board Ricardo Trimillos (Managing Editor)
Randal Baier (Book Review Editor)
Sarah Weiss (Recording Review Editor)
Gordon Thompson (Website Editor)
Editorial Advisory
East Asia: Andrew Killick, Lei Ouyang Bryant
Southeast Asia: Gavin Douglas, Tan Sooi Beng
South Asia: Stephen Slawek, Yoshitaka Terada
West Asia: Michael Frishkopf, Scott Marcus
Central Asia: Stephen Blum, Peter Marsh
Asian American: Christi-Anne Castro, Deborah Wong

The Society for Asian Music Constitution
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