Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 31, Number 1
  Fall/Winter 1999/2000
Nathan Hesselink Kim Inu's "P'ungmulgut and Communal Spirit": Edited and Translated with an Introduction and Commentary 1
Gregory Diethrich Desi Music Vibes: The Performance of Indian Youth Culture in Chicago 35
Andrew C. McGraw The Development of the Gamelan Semara Dana and the Expansion of the Modal System in Bali 63
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Part 1b: Issues with Specified Topics 96
Part 1c: Articles and Authors Listed by Volume and Number 97
  Part 2: Authors 115
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      Book Reviews  
    Anna Maciszewski Mary Frances Dunham, Jarigan: Epic Songs of Bangladesh 177
    Anne Presccott A. Kimi Coaldrake, Womenís Gidayû and the Japanese Theater Tradition 179
    Anne K. Rasmussen Jean Lambert, La Médecine de Líâme: Le Chant de Sanaa dans la Société Yéménite 183
      Audio Recording Reviews  
    Daniel Atesh Sonneborn Anne K. Rasmussen, compiler, The Music of Arab-Americans: A Retrospective Collection 187
    Lisa Gold David Harnish, recording and commentary, Bali: Balinese Music of Lombok 188
    Nancy Guy François Picard, producer and commentator, Chine. Ka-Lé: La Cérémonie du bonheur 192
    About the Contributors 195